Tips for Sellers

Selling Your Home

There are 3 qualities that help sell a home quickly.  Location, condition, and price.  Location and price are self-explanatory.  The condition of a home is more subjective.  Updated, clean, and vacant homes sell much faster and for more money than ones that are not.  Buyers become quick experts of these 3 qualities the longer they've been looking for a house they want to buy.  Your home will be judged with every home they've looked at.  It's important that your home has something that stands out from the rest.  I call it the "wow" factor.  The "wow" can be a new kitchen or master bathroom, updated flooring, or unique pool.  If you don't have anything that sets your home apart from the rest, then the price of your home should reflect that of others on the market.  Here are some tips to help sell your home faster.

  • Declutter your home as much as possible.  Remove as many personal items and photos as possible.  Less is more.

  • Use candles or plug-in air fresheners.  

  • First impressions are important.  Clean up the front yard and entryway to home.

  • Open all curtains and window blinds.  Get as much natural light in as possible. 

  • During showings, remove dogs and especially yourself from the house.  My clients have never put an offer in on a house where the homeowner was at the first showing. 

  • Fix all deferred maintenance items that are visible.  

  • If your do-it-yourself home project does not look like a professional did it then you might want to have a professional clean it up.

  • Make sure your Realtor takes professional pictures.  Wide angle lenses are key to showcasing your home online.

Every home's situation is different when it comes to selling.  There are subtle changes and renovations that our seller can do to net more money.  Part of our listing appointment is to compare numbers between the "as-is" condition and the "after renovation" condition of your house to see which direction is right for you.  Contact us for a no obligation consultation.  We would be happy to help you with your selling needs.