Pricing Your Home

Most people will use sites like Zillow or Trulia to see what their house is worth.  These sites are good at only one thing and that is to capture potential buyer's information so they can sell that information to Realtors who pay subscription fees to them.  They are not accurate when it comes to evaluating your home's value.  There are many factors to determine your home's value.  These sites use the location and size of your home and compares it to others in your neighborhood to determine its value.  These sites do not and cannot take in consideration the condition of your home or its updates and unique features to factor in the valuation of your home.  When you buy or sell a home, more than likely a home appraiser will be involved.  Their job is to take all information available to them to determine the home's value.  When we price our client's homes we use the same process the appraisers use to price a home.  Pricing a home correctly reduces the amount of time a home sits on the market.  We advise our sellers subtle changes they can do to their home to build extra value and we meet with every appraiser that appraises the home we represent to make sure we are all on the same page.  A couple of things to remember when it comes to determining home value.

  • Solar panels do not add much value to your home and leased panels actually detract value from a home.

  • Generally speaking, pools only adds $10,000 to the value of a home compared to a home without a pool.

  • Plumbing or wiring updates do not add much value to a home.  Kitchen or bathroom updates add a lot of value.  Keep your receipts and be ready to disclose them to the appraiser and/or the buyer. 

There are too many factors to determine a home's value to list here.  The first step to accurately know your home's value is to contact us.  No obligation.  We look forward to helping you.